Help!! My 'clear history' button doesn't work, and I've been a bad boy?

Answer You naughty boy. I am going to have to spank you...Try closing you internet window. Sometimes that happens to me too when I try to delete my history.If that doesn't work, change the date on your co... Read More »

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Comcast remote guide button doesnt work with vizio?

I had the same problem with my 37L and 42L Vizio TVs but my 26w vizio TV guide works perfectly. on 12/28/2009 I called vizio about the problem and they said that Vizio lost a law suit with a compan... Read More »

How do I make it so the "message" button doesnt show up on my facebook profile?

go into your settings and the only way to change it is to only allow friends or people who know you to message you

Every button except the center home button on my iphone 3g doesn't work what should i do to either fix it or get a new one free?

Adobe Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone, so it is not currently possible to download the Adobe Flash player to the iPhone.

I am getting discharge but it is whitish/clear and doesnt itch or burn what is it?

taste it and see if it tastes like candy.