Help!! My 'clear history' button doesn't work, and I've been a bad boy?

Answer You naughty boy. I am going to have to spank you...Try closing you internet window. Sometimes that happens to me too when I try to delete my history.If that doesn't work, change the date on your co... Read More »

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Comcast remote guide button doesnt work with vizio?

I had the same problem with my 37L and 42L Vizio TVs but my 26w vizio TV guide works perfectly. on 12/28/2009 I called vizio about the problem and they said that Vizio lost a law suit with a compan... Read More »

Help, proactive doesnt work?

Are you male or female? I had bad acne when I hit puberty and I got on birth control. It helped significantly, though I still have breakouts. I also tried Proactiv and was not happy with the result... Read More »

My i phone doesnt work help?

My printer doesnt work any help please?

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