Help! My boobs hurt, could I be pregnant?

Answer a romantic weekend of me entering you repeatedly. plus, buying me a watch wouldn't hurt them. oly out.

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Why do boobs hurt more at night when your pregnant?

I have never heard this explained by a doctor, my guess would be by later in the day you may be retaining more fluid, just like the way your feet swell later in the day. Just the swelling alone can... Read More »

If your girl is urinating and eating a lot and her boobs hurt a little but not too bad is there a chance that she is not pregnant?

Answer The only way to find out is to take a test. It should be positive after the missed period if the woman is pregnant. All the best!

Why does one of my boobs hurt?

From what my doctor tells me is that younger breast is normal to be painful at times. she said it just more lumpy than older breast, which can make it hurt. She advise me if its become too unbeara... Read More »

What does it mean if your boobs hurt for about a month?

It could mean breast development, such as in puberty. Breast tenderness often occurs in puberty mostly when your breasts are growing and developing. :)