Help Me Report This Person?

Answer Good show !She really is a pain ...I've sent in at least 20 abuse reports but every time they delete her account she keeps creating a new login.Maybe if enough of us keep sending abuse reports her ... Read More »

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Could someone get in trouble for knowing a person molested another person and didn't report it?

Yes, report it immediatly but it is basically your decision to help the person. Do the right thing!!!!

How to report this person on facebook ?

There's laws out not protecting people from facebook bullying please contact you local police department, i would it you could get a print out of the other person profile but YES something came be ... Read More »

How to Do a Book Report on a Famous Person?

Book reports just can't catch a break. Kids everywhere seem to dread them, as if book reports are something dreamed up by teachers to punish kids for reading. However, book reports can be easy if y... Read More »

How to Write a Research Report on a Person?

A research report on a person should cover the significant events in the person's life as well as how he impacted society. It is important to research several different sources about the person's l... Read More »