Help Me. My mom won't take me to the dentist?

Answer Spit up blood on her and see if she would take you then.

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Help! my mom wont take me to the doctor?

Please help!! i broke my leg and my mother wont take me to the hospital!!?

Call cops through computer somehow,Get a hold of a phone, call 911 and tell them about your mom too

My camera wont let me take pictures, it keeps shutting off. please help!?

If you have fully charged your battery and it keeps doing as you say, your battery is junk and needs to be replaced. Or your camera is toast. As Nikon makes hundreds of different models it would he... Read More »

Help: The dentist I saw made a bad root canal. The pain is unbearable, what can I take to lessen the pain?

That happened to me once. Go to an Endodontist to get the job completed. Endodontists are dentists that specialize in root canals. They need to get the whole root out of there otherwise the pain... Read More »