Help Me Find a Doctor?

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Do u have to take a person that cuts themselves to a doctor for help or can you help them on your own?

Anyone that cuts themself has a deep rooted problem that needs attention. It is best you help them seek professional help, instead of trying to help them yourself. Getting them professional help ... Read More »

Can a doctor find out if you are a virgin or not?

For a girl it is easier to tell because their hymen is broken, however it can also break due to horse riding, riding a bike etc. The doctor can't tell if a boy is a virgin

How to Find a Woman Doctor?

Whether you're planning on having a baby, pregnant, or just in need of medical care, it is important that you find a woman doctor you are comfortable with. Some factors you may want to take into co... Read More »

How to Find a Fibromyalgia Doctor?

Fibromyalgia is a complicated condition that can present with many different symptoms and is hard to diagnose and treat. Therefore it pays to find a fibromyalgia specialist to oversee treatment.