Help!! Made a dumb mistake....?

Answer You have several places you can check:1) look in your trashcan. If you haven't emptied the trash can you can restore it from there.2) you can go to the website of the manufacturer of your computer... Read More »

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I made a mistake and i need some help please =[?

I understand your concern and theirs. Usually cutting is a form of relief for some people but in your case it was only once so explain that much to them. Tell them you were angry and cut your thigh... Read More »

How to Avoid Being Laughed at for a Dumb Mistake?

Many people get pushed around by uncaring types because of something little that gets blown out of proportion by the uncaring person. Sometimes being laughed at involves something outside your sphe... Read More »

Need help with Ebay, ive made a very big mistake?

I made the mistake of having a friend help me with renovations,?

Free help is always risky. I would never enlist a novice while working around Igloos. Sorry to hear this happened to you Nub :)