Help!! Made a drunk fool of myself in front off all sorts of people!!?

Answer Don't worry dude...we have all done at one time or another...

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I made a complete fool of myself at the bar?

Who came to public notice singing a novelty song called you made a fool of myself over john foster dulles on the jack paar show in August of 1957 followed two years by a star turn in the Broadway sho?

Are retainers made only for use after using braces or could they help people with just gaps in the front teeth?

Answer Retainers can be used with or without having braces just removed.

How to Play Cool and Not Like a Fool in Front of Your Crush?

Sometimes when you like someone you act kinda freaky and draw the person away from you.Over the years I`ve realize that playing it cool is always best for you they`ll want to get to know you for you.