Help! I've pressed some weird button on the computer! What do I do?

Answer hit the "insert" key

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Tv help, pressed a button on my remote and now tv is flashing colors?

You enter the correct button code to begin the t.v. countdown. You have 5 hours once it has begun to get the hell out of your house before it blows. Good luck and may God have mercy on your soul.

Help! my brother pressed a button on my keyboard and my screen flipped sidways?

Press control alt then the upwards arrow key (first control, then alt, then the arrow but keep them pressed down) then let go all at once and it will change

My computer screen has gotten some weird red tint. i have tried everything...HELP!?

One of the colors is probably out. Check the cable to make sure it's plugged in on both ends. If that doesn't work see if you can borrow another cable; if that one is good you probably have a bad... Read More »

There's an INSERT button on my keyboard, I pressed it but nothing was inserted... What does this mean?

you're just up to mischief like a troll!but to answer your question, maybe you didnt give the keyboard a proper chance to're probably not foreplaying with it with the right words