Help, Ive just bought something on ebay, and didnt mean too, How to i get out of it?

Answer Contact the seller immediately. Some honest sellers will acknowledge the mistake and let you get out of it easily.I am an avid user of eBay services and the only time I accidentally purchased an it... Read More »

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Is it ethically wrong to sell an item on eBay that you just BOUGHT on eBay?

Of course its ok! I actually have two ids - one for buying and one for selling! Don't want my buyers to spot where I get stuff!!

What have u bought from ebay?

Bought many things from many different purchase sights. Also sold many different things on different sights. It is not the sale sight. It is the actual person on the other end. Whether that be buye... Read More »

Have you ever bought a laptop from ebay?

No, but I might if I knew the model and it was new and at a good price.I'd also only buy from a seller with 50 or more good feedback at a 100% that has sold expensive stuff before.

What r the things u bought from ebay?

Gosh, I can't even think of 10% of it by now. I have 219 feedbacks from SELLERS, so I've bought at least 219 things, including:Cameras - including my first digital camera and several more, lenses,... Read More »