Help! I've disabled everything on my computer!?

Answer What have you disabled? Cant you enable them back the way you disable them? For computer being slow and laggy, they can be caused by alot of things. Chances are your computer might be infected with... Read More »

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Urgent Computer Help! Everything on my screen is huge! How do I fix it..?

Right click on your desktop if you're using vista choose personalize and go to display settings and change your resolution, if you're using xp right click on your desktop and choose properties to c... Read More »

I need computer help! Everything on my screen is huge. What do I do?

Fix your display properties. Go to the Control panel and there will be a monitor icon.Go to where it gives you the display properties. Move the bar up and down until you like what you see.

NO SOUND ON COMPUTER. I've tried just about everything. HELP?

I need serious help. i noticed there were too many statrt up programs on my computer so i disabled all and now?

Well, you should've thought about that while pretending to be an expert disabling startup programs.Sounds like you got yourself into a bit of a pickle.