Help!! I've Lost All The Bars At The Top Of My Screen?

Answer Right click where the bars should be. There should be a right click menu where you can enable them again.You can enable the menu bar by pressing alt in case you can't get the get the right click me... Read More »

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Do wide screen movies fit wide screen tvs perfectly with no black bars?

ASPECT RATIO:…The ratio of the HEIGHT and WIDTH of your TV are likely NOT EQUALto the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the MOVIE.Therefore there's no way to display the... Read More »

Why are my tool bars so bigthey take up 1/4 of screen?

Do black bars appear on the top and bottom of the TV screen if you do have a widescreen tv?

Typically, not if it's set up correctly. But do be aware that the aspect ratio that you might see on DVD movies may still put some of that letterboxing up even on a high-def TV, since the dimension... Read More »

I've lost my internet icon from my screen on my laptop,?

Find it on your start menu - left click and drag it onto your desktop (screen) - and drop. It will create a shortcut. (hope this helps)