Help! Is there a vegan meal replacement WITHOUT protein?

Answer I doubt you could, seeing as there is almost no food on this entire planet that is without protein. I know of none since it is a very misconception that more protein always = better. Sorry I can'... Read More »

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How many grams of protein do I need per day and what are the best sources of VEGAN protein?

It is more or less what ever you wish like beans breads and pulses.Dune

Vegan who needs more protein?

You don't need 'more' protein, likely. Protein is in every living thing. Humans use amino acids to 'make' protein for our own use. If we consume while proteins, they are broken down first into a... Read More »

How to Get Enough Protein as a Vegan?

If you've recently decided to adopt the vegan lifestyle, one of your central concerns may be how to get enough protein in your diet. To be sure, the question you're most likely to hear from non-veg... Read More »

I want to go i need a protein powder?

no, plenty of protein in the soy milk and lentils....but don't eat the same thing every day.