Help!!! Is there a natural way to soften your stool or a good home remedy?

Answer The best thing I can suggest is that you increase your intake of fruit and veggies. The government here in the UK is promoting the idea of eating at least 5 portions of fruit or veg a day - this w... Read More »

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Is there a natural home remedy for smelly shoes?

Do you have a good natural/home remedy for cold/flu congestion?

Well it all depends on what your symptoms are...Colds and flu symptoms are much alike...Aspirin is very good for aches and pains and fever..Cough drops for sore throats that contain Vitamin C or Zi... Read More »

I have brown recluse spiders in my home. Is there a natural remedy for them?

Not really, short of professional extermination. These spiders are easier to live with than people think, as long as you take a few common sense steps to avoid bites you can easily live your whole ... Read More »

Home Remedy to Soften Feet?

Since your feet take a beating from the rigors of daily life--not to mention improper footwear--they can develop calluses and rough spots that are not only unsightly, but also uncomfortable. It is ... Read More »