Help! Is public or private school better for kindergarten?

Answer Well if you can not afford, then what is the debate? Give Grandma the brochures form the Jewish school with the tuition listed. Tell her this just is not in your budget to do. 'That you are sure s... Read More »

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How to Enter Public School After Private Kindergarten?

In addition to being expensive, private schools tend to be academically demanding, may not accommodate special-needs children, are often elitist and lacking in diversity, and may depend on parents ... Read More »

How do I get my daughters public county school to pay for her to go to a private school for the blind. What do I fo to get them to change placement on her IEP to be at a Private School.?

I am a retired special educator with 28 years experience. The first thing that you need to know is that many public schools do not want to pay for a placement at a private school as it is extremely... Read More »

Differences Between the Administration at a Public School & a Private School?

All schools, public and private, need an administrator to handle issues outside of the classroom, meet state reporting requirements and make decisions. Although public and private schools have the ... Read More »

What is the difference in teaching in private school&public school?

Once they graduate from college, teachers must choose whether to teach at a public school or private school. It is important to know the differences between the two types of school in order to make... Read More »