Help: I'm nervous about using Facebook!!! (no haters please)?

Answer I have done this before, so I did my research before i tried it, good thing u r asking too! go with facebook, because it is a proven fact that myspace has found a way to give u a virus no matter wh... Read More »

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First time using a train. VERY NERVOUS. PLEASE HELP?

1. Always be at the station 15 mins before departure time, to be sure of finding your way.- Look around you and read the big signs.2. Read the big board showing Departures.3. Read it again to make ... Read More »

Mobile sat nav nervous about a drive...please help!?

They can be extremely helpful and can just about replace a human navigator, but there are drawbacks:They can distract you from the driving task. The maps and the directions are not always perfect.... Read More »

I'm nervous for camp! Please help!?

Okay, first off, I think you are over reacting. Second off, sit next to someone who you know doesn't get car sick, or sit by yourself. Third, don't eat any food that looks old, moldy, has a weird c... Read More »

How do i make the music note on my facebook status help please!!! and are there anymore i should kno about?

hold down alt and then on the number pad press 1 and then 3. that should work. That is, if you mean this: ♪