Help I'm getting braces in 3 months ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Answer Hey Maddie!DON'T WORRY braces are fine. Well, they are a bit annoying but don't worry about it.I think pink and green would look great although may I reccomend rainbow colours... :)They put them on... Read More »

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Getting braces, help?

My first piece of advice: don't worry. They will most likely hurt for the first couple days. Make sure to take ibuprofen when they do. The day you go to get them I suggest either taking ibuprof... Read More »


I have braces, I went to the orthodontic's twice before actually getting my braces. On the first appointment, they did X-Rays on my teeth and my whole skull.On the second appointment, they put moul... Read More »

Help! I am getting braces!?

You'll be sore for a while I suggest Aleeve of Ibuprofen (Usually found in Tylenol)Sugarless gum and regular gum has never stuck to my braces, just avoid bubble gumYou can suck on caramels and Toot... Read More »

Im getting braces at 18 in 3

Oh well would you rather have f'ed up teeth? They're just braces get over it