Help I'm always ill, ibs, weak immune system, lazy eye, poor memory?

Answer Have you been tested for Lyme Disease? Try this symptom list out:… If you circle 20 or more, you might have Lyme Disease and should get checked out for... Read More »

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Should you get a flu shot if you have a weak immune system?

Yes, they are one of the groups at highest risk of catching the disease and of having more severe complications from the flu. As soon as the vaccine is made available to them each year, they are en... Read More »

Weak, Lazy, need to sleep, don't eat well, headaches, blurry eyes?

You can heal yourself by just getting more sleep. Your body needs time where it can recover from a full day of walking around and being active. Also, you can combat the weak and lazy thing by exerc... Read More »

How to keep up my immune system?

I hate to tell you this....but your immune system is functioning just fine, and nothing you do will change that.Be thankful, or you would be able to slow down and speed up your immune system - and ... Read More »

How to boost immune system?

To boost your immune system, you need to first avoid the things that weaken it such as junk food, toxins, stress, drugs, and sugar are some examples. To boost it, here are many suggestions.1) Keep ... Read More »