Help! I'm a very hairy woman?

Answer If you're over 18 then they should be exploring the possibility of PCOS. You should be given a blood test (to check hormone levels) and a scan of your pelvis (to check for string of pearl cysts). I... Read More »

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How to Be a Hairy Woman?

Society puts a lot of pressure on women to be hairless. Underarm, leg and facial hair is considered socially unattractive in numerous cultures and yet forty percent of women experience the growth o... Read More »

How to Convince a Very Hairy Man to Shave His Chest?

If you think your beau needs some serious manscaping but is opposed to hair removal, how can you convince him to at least shave his chest? Many hirsute-chested men may cling to their hairiness, thi... Read More »

Can certain products..make you grow hair ..I have a fiance ..that is now very hairy.?

It's just the full moon, it'll all be gone soon.You could catch it and sell it on Ebay for Spell Kits !

REALLY HAIRY ARMS!!! please help?

Wacing will probably be your best bet... It's not that expensive, and you can get it done at pretty much any nail salon that does eyebrow waxing.