Help! I type on my laptop keyboard and it appear incorrect and double letter?

Answer How to fix a keyboard, here are some sites that will help.… Read More »

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My keyboard keys are",@,# etc in wrong place.?

I would check the following sites to see if they offer you any relief:Microsoft knowing that the keyboard layout may be wrong : num-lock problem: http... Read More »

What type of contractor's liability insurance covers incomplete or incorrect work?

Answer That is not an insurance issue, it's a Bond issue. If the contractor isn't bonded and if you didn't specifically require a performance bond, he probably isn't bonded. You may be able to get... Read More »

When i type with my keyboard, whenever i type a "c" it doubles and so it wil say, for example: ccool answer?

try seeing if it gets stuck when you press it. and if that doesn't make it go back to normal than press the letter c down and see what happens.

Can you touch type type without looking at keyboard?

i used to be able to, but now my fingers are like all retarded and hitting all the wrong keys. haha