Help!! I think the back of my earing is in my ear lobe!?

Answer I don't think it's stuck :/ The piercing hole would have to be really wide to fit a whole earring back. It was probably really tough to get out because it's a new piercing, you really shouldn't hav... Read More »

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I think my earing hole on my ear is infected, what can i do ?

did you get your ears pierced at a decent place?maybe go back and see what they saythey may give you cleaning water/creamIf not don't worry - if you have anti-septic cream - with clean hands rub th... Read More »

How do you heal my crusty ear lobe back to normal?

you cna try washing it every night and it will go back to normal after 2 weeks

Everything that the Optical Lobe at the back of the brain controlls?

It's occiptal (ah-sip-i-tal) not optical, but that's an easy mistake to make considering it does process vision ;)…Wiki had a decent short article on it, ... Read More »

I think i pulled my back muscle help!!?

You can cure the pulled back muscle, by taking rest and gently massaging the injured muscle with oil.