Help! I think i'm hallucinating?

Answer Uh Oh...drink some water and eat some food.If it was drugs getting something else in your system always helps. If this has never happened before, I'd blame it on the sugar cubes. Wait a few hours... Read More »

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I'm hallucinating.... again!?

Schizophrenia! Oh, no, now I'm paranoid too... Sorry, but I couldn't resist.

What should I do, now that I've begun hallucinating?

Put on Jimmy and kiss the sky.Enjoy your trip.

What is the tv show called about a boy who is an alien but looks human i think it was made in the 90s it may be an educational series i think the boys name is zoltan or something similar can you help?

the answer is bopthe show got shut down and taken down from all websites because a kid got bashed on the show

Help my pc screen is reversed i think i just pressed something help me?

Try holding shift and then pressing the up arrow. If that does not work right click your desktop and figure it out from there' it's not hard.