Help I poked my eye!!!!?

Answer First of all, calm down.Did you poke your pupil, or just the white of your eye?I accidentally poke my eye all the time.Take deep breaths, cover the eye you didn't poke, and blink a few times.Is it ... Read More »

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Do you like to get poked?

I prefer to get sacked (know what i mean?)Hate needles but have to give myself shots every week, plus check my blood sugar 4 times a day~

Is my eye ok i got poked in it and its red!!!!?

If your vision is blurred go straight to the doctor ( bit late given how long ago you posted) otherwise give it 24 hours. Eyes hurt a lot but heal fast. If its not healed in 24 hours or your eyesig... Read More »

I poked myself in the eye and.....?

Put a cold cloth over it. Hope you didn't do any damage. If the swelling doesn't go down then you should see your Doctor or go to the ER.

I have been poked on facebook What does this mean?

not necessarily. A poke is just like saying hi, its kinda pointless actually. Its usually just a casual hello. I wouldn't worry about it.