Help I need great advice about braces and spacers?

Answer Spaces are put in between your very back molars and the next teeth. They are put in to create space for the braces on the very back teeth. The very back teeth get full braces that wrap around each ... Read More »

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Help! I'm terrified about hosting a party, I need help/advice?

The best way to host a party is to have a well organized plan, with plenty of food, and drinks!these pirates, are sure to be hungry-- I would suggest getting your music ready, and play the music wh... Read More »

My braces hurt so bad but only my spacers and braketts are on not my wires yet what do i do help im in pain!?

Take some painkillers, put some wax on the brackets if you have any or spread some oral numbing creams on your lips so they stop hurting.To be honest, as long as I kept taking painkillers, the wors... Read More »

NEED HELP!!!! do spacers hurt?

Not too bad. Your teeth are a little tender. Nothing that would even come close to bringing tears. Ibuprofen would take care of the soreness. They feel weird as I recall, foreign. But it's been 15 ... Read More »

Do braces and spacers hurt?

spacers hurt because its creating the gap at the back of your teeth for braces. But it will only last for like the first 2 days. You cant eat any food that requires chewing. I ended up having soup ... Read More »