Help I need great advice about braces and spacers?

Answer Spaces are put in between your very back molars and the next teeth. They are put in to create space for the braces on the very back teeth. The very back teeth get full braces that wrap around each ... Read More »

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Do spacers hurt more than braces?

On One Hand: Spacers Are More PainfulPatients who have had both spacers and braces report that they experienced more pain from spacers than they did from wearing braces. This is especially true for... Read More »

Do braces hurt more than spacers?

On One Hand: Braces can be Fairly IrritatingPain related to braces varies from person to person. If your orthodontist wants to adjust your teeth great deal, then expect deep pain related to tooth m... Read More »

Do braces and spacers hurt?

spacers hurt because its creating the gap at the back of your teeth for braces. But it will only last for like the first 2 days. You cant eat any food that requires chewing. I ended up having soup ... Read More »

Does everyone have to get spacers or an expander before getting braces?

I got a spacer, without getting braces. its like if there is 3 teeth but the one in the middle fell out, and its growing back, the two beside it will also grow and take over that space, so it holds... Read More »