Help I need energy... This week I can sleep all the time I do not know why, I will?

Answer You need way more than a Vitamin B tablet.Tell ya what, this is gonna take a bit of timefor me to type out, so I'll email you.I have LOTS of suggestions!! =D

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During the work week do you try to go to sleep early What time is early for you?

Yes I do, I work mondays through thursdays and then sunday. I usually go to bed around 10:30 and then I get up at 5am.

Does anyone know of any part time jobs that would allow a person to work two week days a week?

A fast food place may let you do that. They hire many students, that can just work on weekends. You could do alright.

How to Have Lots of Energy After Having Little Sleep?

wake up energetic like him after having only few hours of sleep!One of the main side effects of not getting enough sleep is tiredness. Unfortunately this often has a negative impact into your life,... Read More »

How to Maximize Energy With Sleep?

How to get a good sleep and make your body energized?