Help, I hurt my back, and I am gonna cry!?

Answer oh hun so sorry to hear that..put heating pad on and/or one of those thermal heat pads from the pharmacy and take some pain pills until they fix it hopoe you feel better soon

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Isn't it weird how people can carry heavy things & never hurt their back but then they hurt their back ->?

I completely understand it and can offer you a reason why that happened to you. My daughter for the last year and a half had to carry heavy bags full of accounting files on the train day in and da... Read More »

Is it gonna hurt in the morning?

not if you keep drinking :-) WHHHHHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Is Daenerys Targaryen gonna get hr dragons back Please answer without spoiling anything?

Without spoiling anything simple answer: yes!

What do you think is gonna happened to that Boston Bomber survivor is he gonna have sentences then released?

He will never see freedom again. If he doesn't get the death sentence, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.