Help! I have this weird thing on my tongue!!?

Answer It is probably a canker sore on your tongue. They hurt but aren't cancerous. Nonetheless, you should check with your dentist. Eat more fruits & veggies and gargle with warm, salty water.

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I'm thinking you have a cat....or a little brother.They both like to mess with the remote....Find the CC button and turn off the CC.You should then UNPLUG your TV for 5 minutes to CLEAR your microp... Read More »

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A way to amuse yourself! Possibly the circulation from the pressure you are using in causing the numbness. I tried it to see!

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your not suppose to pick your scabs. you have whats called a scar....

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Every tablet has side effects even if they say they don't. Your best of going to your GP and asking about it , more then likly its just a side effect.. If you feel worse then you did you should go ... Read More »