Help! I have spyware all over my computer! What do I do?

Answer Get spybot. It's free.

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Help please!!!!! i yhink i have a spyware in my computer is runing ver slow. i have norton360 in my computer.?

Either you have virus that Norton cannot detect or Norton is slowing down your PC because it use lots of RAM.According to an article by the Washington Post, Norton Antivirus had one of the worst av... Read More »

My computer is being infectected by spyware please help?

Sounds like you need a good anti-virus and spyware software. I would also recommend a firewall too. I would recommend the best firewall, which would be ZoneAlarm and I would touch up on the spyware... Read More »

HELP ME PLEASE!. With spyware problems, I can't get it off my computer.?

Wow, too many wrong answers and from "Top" guys too. I give everyone an "E" for effort, but an "F" overall. Sorry guys... Now on to solving your problem...This is not a problem at all. Here's what ... Read More »

HELP--my computer stopped working. It was running slow and I decided to run an adaware spyware scan. I?

Time to reformatTo format your harddrive you will need to get a recovery disc or a Windows CD. No boot disc is necessary unless you are trying to install Windows 95. The recovery disc will usually ... Read More »