Help! I have a Dell Computer and I need a New Printer.?

Answer why don't you visit the amazon digital cam store : is a section for printers, hundreds of them, along with specifications , prices,reviews....etc they ha... Read More »

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1 yr Dell computer&printer - printer continually cannot communicate with compuer. Can you help me out Thank?

Really could use more info about your setup.If you're connected with a USB cable, check & reseat both ends & make sure they're connected securely. Try a different USB cable & maybe port on the comp... Read More »

Please help! Do I have to use a Dell brand printer with a Dell Laptop Inspiron 8600?

no. when you connect your new printer (any brand) your laptop will recognise that you've got something new connected to it and then you'll need to put the cd in that you got with your printer and f... Read More »

I have a Dell computer can I install extra memory myself or do I need to get Dell to do this.?

you can if you know how but you might forfeit the warranty.

Need help with dell printer ink cartridge?

The printer supports multiple cartridges (color, black and photo). Are you sure the error is on the cartridge you just replaced? Also, some printers are unable to read ink levels on re-manufactur... Read More »