Help! I have a Dell Computer and I need a New Printer.?

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1 yr Dell computer&printer - printer continually cannot communicate with compuer. Can you help me out Thank?

Really could use more info about your setup.If you're connected with a USB cable, check & reseat both ends & make sure they're connected securely. Try a different USB cable & maybe port on the comp... Read More »

Can I use a HP printer with a Dell computer?

Yes. The HP printer will come with a CD with drivers on it for Windows XP (which is what I assume you're running). As long as it's XP, it won't matter what the hardware is.

Is a Dell Printer compatible with a HP computer?

Yes, you can. It does not matter which "make" of computer or printer you have. So long as you have the correct printer drivers for the OS that runs on your PC, you should be all good to use it.

How do I install an HP printer with a Dell computer?

Installation programInsert the software disc that came with your HP printer into the optical drive of your computer. Some HP printers are installed only by using the application that comes on the d... Read More »