Help! I got my computer fixed and now my windows won't go to 64-bit!?

Answer I dont think you know what you are talking about but ill try to help. If your in display properties and it wont let you set your reaolution any higher then you have to upgrade your video cards driv... Read More »

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Why wont the songs I transferred to my mp3 player from Windows Media, play on another computer with Windows?

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Help my hp pavilion laptop wont start up windows!!!!!?

Try pressing F2 to enter your BIOS and try disabling the "restart on boot" from there. Also you might need a windows CD in order to fix this problem. You need to have a copy of the same windows ins... Read More »

Help me!! my computer wont turn on!!?

check your motherboard manual. Those beeps are usually telling you that you're missing either memory(perhaps yours aren't seated correctly or in the right banks), CPU not seated properly(a bit less... Read More »

My computer wont start!!! Please help!!?

Many questions here. Does the drive light come on? If not disconnect the hard drive. Do you get the BIOS boot screen? What kind of system do you have? Is the monitor in good order. If the monitor l... Read More »