Help, I got my ID taken away, what should I do?

Answer I would have called the police that moment and advise you to call ASAP. Make a big fuss to the bar's management to get some free foods/coupons for your trouble = hassle.

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Help!...masking tape....keeps peeling away paint when taken off!?

You have to take tape off whilst paint is still wet......I think....DIY not my strong point but have painted a few walls....x

If you're a 15-year-old boy that needs help and was taken away due to parental abuse but there wasn't enough evidence so now you're back with them how can you get out safe and legally in Wisconsin?

AnswerI'll tell you one thing don't run away that can make things worse and dangerous. Abusive homes are the worst and i wouldn't want you to stay their either if you are being beaten or verbally a... Read More »

What motion do you need to file to have a father's rights taken away?

Answer Courts are very reluctant to terminate parental rights except under certain conditions. The role a parent plays in the child's life is generally the determining factor, if there is no contac... Read More »

How to Get a Warrant Taken Away?

It is a scary thing to have a warrant out for your arrest. Law enforcement officers may show up to your home or place of employment looking to arrest you. If you are identified, such as during a ro... Read More »