Help! I found a bug down there!?

Answer Go see a doctor immediately and see what has happened. This is really serious and you can't waste time looking at our answers and yes the baby bugs will survive in u!

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OMG help! i itch SO bad down there!?

I'm pretty sure you have a yeast infection. Those itch like crazy...and any guy who laughs about it, sayin' crap like "scratch it" or "gross", I hope they get on on their dick, cuz they won't be ... Read More »

Okay Yesterday I Was Shaven & ' I Used Soap To Wash Down There & It Started To Burn When I Shaved Down There ?

Put some aloe on there and let the irritation heal up, don't use soap that will mess up your Ph levels bc that can cause irritation and yeast infections, which make you smell bad.It sounds to me li... Read More »

Is there help for families with Down syndrome?

It affects a person physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. They often have delayed development which means that they develop slower than other people. The delayed development normall... Read More »

I have an itchy bump "down there" please help?

As embarrassing as it may seem, go to a doctor. People on the net can only give you an idea of what it might be, we can't tell you for sure.If you're worried, get checked out.. it could be serious