Help!!!!!!! I fell into a ring of fire. OWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer stop playing video games

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My belly button ring fell out , is it safe to sterilize the jewelry with alcohol?

Yes, Alcohol is fine, it just helps sterilize things, no big problem, I just alcohol to clean my earrings so they are clean :)

I was playing football and i fell and heard a crunch since my pinky and ring finger and my knuckle line kills?

You might have an injury in the distal phalanx of your finger and knuckles. You need to apply ice to reduce the pain.

Fire Pit Ring Ideas?

Fire pits can range from a simple metal band set in the ground to contain any loose sparks from a wood fire to an elaborate fireproof fire pit bowl set in stone veneer with gas-burning logs. The on... Read More »

Is Mt. Fuji in the Ring of Fire?

Mt. Fuji, a dormant volcano located about 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, is a part of the "Ring of Fire" tectonic area. The "Ring of Fire," which contains nearly three-quarters of the worlds active v... Read More »