Help I dropped my digital camera is it still good details below?

Answer As long as the cam part is alright, you can work without the era

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Could you please recommend a good digital camera below $250?

I have a Kodak Easy Share. It's not the type you would want if you plan on getting into photography, but for a run-of-the-mill camera with good pictures and easy to use, this is your best bet. I ha... Read More »

Blue screen help...details below?

Yes you laptop is fine, just go thru the steps below This problem can have many reasons for appearing.1 Undo recent changes that you made if any.2 Check the a minimum amount of free space is availa... Read More »

My Nikon D80 was dropped (please read the details). Can you help?

Electronics tech here...and I do use a D2.So view finder is dead regardless of setting/mode but it will take pics in some modes?If I have that right, I am assuming the camera will take correct pics... Read More »

What is a good price for a Kawasaki Ninja 250r. Read below for more details.?

are you asking how much insurance will be or how much the bike should cost? You never specified a year on the bike you want. But the models prior to 2008 (with the old fairings) you can get for 2k ... Read More »