Help I dropped my digital camera is it still good details below?

Answer As long as the cam part is alright, you can work without the era

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I dropped my digital camera?

I need a (digital) camera...(read for details)?

toughie tpo get all that in a decent camera for under £100do you need digital.. otherwise u could get a film SLR + lenses + flash for a lot lessif you ust have digital then consider some of the mi... Read More »

Digital camera problem - dropped it!?

Uh oh... Camera lens are precision optics that are not meant to be dissembled by normal folks like us. Anyone can open them up and put them back together, but only trained technicians has the abi... Read More »

Can a digital camera that has been dropped in the sand be repaired?

Yes, but sometimes getting them repaired costs more than buying a new one.