Help! I can't sleep!!! Its already 2:00?

Answer Hi! I had the same problem. To help me i layed down early. Like 9:30/10. Then at 10:30 turn everything off. And close your eyes. And just let your mind wonder. dont eat after 8:00/8:30. To help u f... Read More »

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I cant sleep can u help?

You should see a sleep therapist or doctor. Is there something bothering you? You might also have sleep apnea, a momentary stoppage of breathing that wakes you up limiting the amount of sleep you... Read More »

I cant sleep Help!!!?

Get away from the computer a few hours before bed, for starters. The light from the screen means you don't blink as much and it's been proven to be a cause of insomnia. Read a book instead.

I cant sleep.... can u help?

Help!, Why cant i sleep?

Nothings wrong with you, i'm the same way. Its probably because you are excited about something or something big is happening and subconciously, you just cant sleep