Help I am not sure if I should go to the ER?

Answer Yes you should go to the ER and you should definitely tell them that you did meth, lying to them (like saying you ate something bad O_o) will impede them from making a correct assessment of your si... Read More »

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Not sure if I should do this or not...HELP!!!!!!?

It shouldn't hurt three days later. If its sore, just take pain killers.

I think that I have bipolar disorder and I need some help and advice I am not sure what I should do?

Bipolar disorder which is what it is now called (used to be called manic depression) is a mood disorder which effects a persons mood and is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. In bipolar di... Read More »

My KODAK C513 does not turn on suddenly. I'm sure the batteries should have life still. Someone please help.?

Run through this.....troubleshooting...…No help?...I'd return it...

Help im 15 coming 16 this october and im pretty sure im pregnant but how do you tell your parents plus im scared that they'll throw me out and what their reaction will be to it help?

OK first of all take a test so you know if you are pregnant or not. And yes they will probably get angry if you are but that doesn't mean they will throw you out. They are obligated by law to care ... Read More »