Help! How do you find a lost document?

Answer Use search.

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How to Find a Lost Document in Word?

A lost Microsoft Word document can be a frightening experience, especially if that document contains important information, a huge research report or your first novel. Fortunately, there are a few ... Read More »

Can't find lost document!?

If theres a shortcut on the desktop(which u didnot create), u might hav e not saved the original document on the might have moved just the shortcut there.If it got accidentally deleted ... Read More »

How to Find an Autosaved Document That You Lost in Word?

Whether there is a power outage or a computer crash, discovering that you lost changes to a document you were working on can create a moment of panic. By default, Word periodically autosaves the do... Read More »

Help with recovering a lost word document?

word-file-options-save... you should see where the files are backed up to, if this option was selected