Help! Hangover!!?

Answer Scotch Egg is excellent, so is Lucozade.

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What do you do to help a hangover?

Hangover!! I NEED help!!?

Drink a lil of whatever it was that you got drunk on. "A little of the hair of the dog that bit ya" so to speak =)

Hangover help!! fast!! ?

Easy. Start slamming water now, your body is dehydrated. If you can eat a banana, drink some OJ/Gatorade, and have some vitamin B12 to help your body replenish it's potassium, vitamin C, electrolyt... Read More »

Terrible hangover help?

I know exactly what ur talking about. happened to me twice from too much tequila. basically what worked for me was in this order: 1. shower 2. dark cold quiet room3. Liquid: chicken soup or cold ve... Read More »