Help, Girls!! Does your period make you look fat!?

Answer It's just bloating. And i don't know where you're reading, but that definitely occurs WHILE you're menstruating... Also, you feel fatter than you actually are because of the hormones from your peri... Read More »

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Do you want a flirty locker that will make your friends go, "Wow, I wish my locker looked that nice!"

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Period help, girls, please?

Try to figure out tampons, you dont feel them at all. You period will be wierd for a while since you are just starting out, but gradually it will get more normal.

Period problem. Girls please help me!!?

Can you keep it in a pencil case or a binder? That's what I do. Or if you bring your own lunch, put it in your lunchbox. If nothing else works you could put it in your bra.