Help!!!! GIRLS ONLY.?

Answer Yes it's normal, it's called spotting witch happens before and after your period sometimes ;)

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Girls help please! (girls only)?

oh wow.. that's badumm I'm not that close to my mum either so i can helpif u cant wake her up now and tell her, then tomorrow morning get her alone and just blurt it out. once it's out you feel fre... Read More »

Help me GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!?

If you're old enough to need such things, you're old enough to talk to your mom about it. What is there to be embarrassed about? She went through puberty too.

Help... girls only!?

consider asking your mom, tell her your situation.if for some reason you CANT ask her, go by yourself but you would NEED to get help form a saleslady (she wont get mad!) so dont worry because peopl... Read More »

Girls only!!! Help plz?

I think that is perfectly fine. No one can make you do anything you dont want to. It is a safer way to be on youtube.