Help! Fractured or maybe broken?

Answer Best thing to do is go to the doctors, because even if you were talking to a doctor online they wouldn't know for sure whats wrong without actually seeing the injury or using x-rays. Just go to the... Read More »

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Maybe fractured wrist?

It could be fractured, sprained, strained or simply injured. You would have to have an X-Ray to know for sure.It may be swollen internally. Normally fractures show characteristics of bruising, bu... Read More »

Is my foot broken or fractured?

Do you think someone on Yahoo answers can see your foot from there with magical xray vision?

Broken.... Fractured.... Sprained?

there's not much they can do except take xrays and put a boot on it.......sounds like about 1500-2500 worth of treatment therewhen u can do it yourself!I broke mine in the 80's and never visited a ... Read More »

Fractured/Broken Foot?

is there any bruising on the bottom of your foot? If so, you really need to get checked out by a doctor. Your middle foot has a lot of joints and small bones. If you have broken, separtated or o... Read More »