Help! For the past two weeks or so, I have been feeling constantly dizzy?

Answer I'm no expert, but isn't pins and needles and dizziness symptoms of heart trouble?

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Been feeling dizzy,tired,short of breath for these past two days...?

i'd just like to point out this was roughly the same time u met me...coincidence...i think not....lolseriously though, i dont think you're eating enough...if you'r hitting the gym, you're supposed ... Read More »

Constantly always feeling dizzy and nauseous?

feeling dizzy and nauseous after eating, more...Search results Dizziness (Dizzy, Lightheadedness) Causes, Symptoms ... Does "feeling dizzy" mean lightheadedness or the feeling of weakness ... Read More »

I've been feeling dizzy and have headaches?

Your having migraines. go see a doctor and if you can a neurologists.If they say its just a normal migraine and try to give you a prescription go to a chiropractor it might have to do with your spi... Read More »

Iam 34 weeks and 4days pregnant and have been feeling lower back pain off and on almost all day Im not sure if you have dialated yet or not your Dr hasnt checked you yet and you have been told the bab?

Answer Back pain my be a sign of early labour but if your abdomen is not going tight I doubt if that is the case. If your abdomen is going hard I suggest you see your maternity carer.At this stage... Read More »