Help. Email lookup?

Answer i want to know too,good question!!!how come nobody answered??

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How can you activate the item allow multiple values as lookup parameter in Microsoft access at this time this item has been vanished in lookup wizard?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

What is DNS Forwared Lookup Zone Reverse Lookup Zone?

Short for Domain Name System (or Service or Server), an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Because domain names are alphabetic, they're easier to remember. The Interne... Read More »

What should I use for NPI Lookup?

I've got almost the same problem, there are some services providing lookup, but from what I saw the most interesting and pretty much reliable is They have a special page for NPI... Read More »

What is a DNS lookup?

A DNS lookup is a service that resolves domain names to IP addresses and vice versa. It is similar to a phone book where names point to telephone numbers. A forward DNS lookup returns the IP addres... Read More »