Help! Do you know how to clean a computer keyboard - mine is so dirty - where do I start Any tips or advice?

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How do you clean a dirty computer keyboard?

On my computer keyboard, Once every two months I take the keys off my keyboard via using tweezers (the butt of the tweezers by digging under the key and pushing up). Then tap it upside down and ... Read More »

My computer screen is dirty what can you use to clean it?

Spray windex on a clean soft cloth and wipe the screen with it.

Never worn make-up before. What should a beginner start out with Advice/tips?

Hi there all these post are correct less IS defiantly more, if you are really unsure you can go into some department stores or local pharmacies and they have make up artists find the girl with the ... Read More »

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Tips?

Keyboards can be used for far more than just typing. Many common commands in most programs can be input using keyboard shortcuts. There are literally thousands of keyboard shortcuts out there, but ... Read More »