Help!!! Did I ruin all of my pictures?

Answer OK first off the type of film that is ruined by light is silver based and you would have to remove it from the canister. Second a digital camera does not contain film so light is not a problem. Th... Read More »

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Does exposing the film in a camera ruin the pictures?

OMG do people still have cameras with film????LOL

I restored the pictures but still theres no pictures!!please help it says "this folder is empty!"?

Free software called Recuva works well.'t add any new files to that computer otherwise you might over write the files you want back.

Do pictures help babies learn?

Definitely....babies learn a lot while seeing pictures. they start identifying a particular thing with a particular name....they learn fruits names,animals names and a lot....

Facebook Help Pictures are missing?

Tags on photo or actual photos may have been removed from Facebook. As such there are number of reasons, photos may stop appearing on facebook (as explained at link below)