Help Can't Stick To A Diet?

Answer If you can't stick to your decision, there is nothing medicine can do to make you stronger-willed... if you really want to lose weight, put all of your heart in it and try to resist the urge to eat... Read More »

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HELP , WHY cant i stick a finger in?

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There had been a problem with my memory stick, and now I cant open the DCIM folder! please help!?

Send ur memory stick to its manufacturer to check if its really damaged.Well,i think you'll have to sacrifice the pictures that you've taken with that memory card.

How to Stick to a Diet?

Want to lose weight but don't want to drive yourself out of it? Want to stick out of eating to much at a dinner? Read on!

How to stick to a vegetarian diet?

It is a matter of will power, and harder if you are living with someone else who isn't.If you live alone it is easier by just not buying anything. I don't think you should throw out what you have b... Read More »