Help! Adverts always popping up?

Answer I'm guessing you are using Internet Explorer. Whilst you may or may not have a virus, pop ups needn't necessarily be linked to that fact.I would go and install a proper web browser such as firefox ... Read More »

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Why are TV adverts always louder than the programmes you watch?

right on, extremely annoying ... I less and less watch TV, I use the net instead to watch movies, series, news, music ... , someday TV channels will be paying us to watch their cr*p ...

Why are my ears always popping?

Popping ears result from an imbalance in external air pressure and air pressure inside a chamber of the middle ear trying to escape. When you move rapidly from a high-pressure to low-pressure area,... Read More »

Ear popping painful on airplanes. Help!!?

1. Ask the pharmacist to recommend an ear plug specifically designed for flying. There is an assortment on the market for this purpose.2. Find a decongestant that is nondrowsy and can be carried on... Read More »

'Popping' right!?

hii Ray!!first of all don't take pain killers..they bring temporary relaxation..go to a physician and have check-up ..u never know if small things change into dangerous problemsyeah yoga may help!!... Read More »