Help!!! About my Sandisk pendrive?

Answer Hi, That sounds completely normal. It is just how file systems work, when you buy memory/hard drives the quoted capacity is given before formatting; in this case 16GB. After the drive has been for... Read More »

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How to repair my Sandisk pendrive?

The answer is detailed here ...…

Is sandisk cruzer pendrive good ?

yes it is cool dude. I bought it just a few days before. It is working fine and it has 5 years warranty also.

Sandisk pendrive write protect removal software?

U don't need software, do this, it works 100%start - run -regedit - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrol… in right side u will be getting writeprotect option, just right click that and modify... Read More »

When I went to buy a pendrive,the shop keeper said his pendrive are all Flash drive,?

Pen Drive/Flash Drive/Thumb Drive are all USB flash memory drives. Those names are just branding by companies.Jet Flash is another brand by the company Transcend. They come with a lifetime warranty... Read More »