Help 3yr old not eating?

Answer Sometimes it does appear that toddlers and preschoolers are almost starving themselves to death! Yet, at other times, you wonder how you're going to afford all the food they've been scarfing down.... Read More »

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How to Help a Friend Who Has an Eating Disorder?

From day one, we are told that eating disorders are a bad thing. So meeting somebody who has one but opted not to recover can be confusing and frustrating.

I have a eating disorder...HELP?

You need to tell this to a doctor. And you arent gonna gain weight just because of a meal, trust me. What you need to do is eat 1800 cals a day. No more, no less.

How to Get Help for Your Eating Disorder?

First of all, if you are seeking help from this article, then congratulations! Everyone has problems, and the happiest people are the ones who look for good ways to solve them. No need to look arou... Read More »

Please help! Eating disorder issues?

You are mentally ill and you should not trust your own mind in regard to food issues. You have people who care about you and professionals working for you in your behalf. To not trust your recovery... Read More »