Helmet or no Helmet (Motorcycles)?

Answer In California, helmets are mandatory. If they weren't, I would still wear one. As a youngster, a spill landed me on my head. The helmet cracked, but not the noggin. I understand those who say i... Read More »

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Why do people ride motorcycles without wearing a Helmet?

they don't understand the true value of their head.

Difference Between a Motorcycle Half Helmet & a 3/4 Helmet?

A half motorcycle helmet and a 3/4 motorcycle helmet offer varying levels of protection and comfort for motorcycle riders.

Open Face Helmet Vs. Modular Helmet?

While open face helmets, which provide protection to the wearer's head while exposing only their face, are the helmet of choice for most cruiser motorcycle riders, modular helmets have become incre... Read More »

Difference Between a Motorcycle Helmet & Bicycle Helmet?

Motorcycle and bicycle helmets appear common in nature and desired function, but these helmets are actually quite different and share only a few similarities. The differences in these helmet types ... Read More »