Hello i just bought my canon 7d..everything is great..what i found that the viewfinder is bit grainy?

Answer ".....i searched it and found most people says its grainy when there is no battery in it........" Are these "most people" brain dead? Really. * The viewfinder on a 7D is optical and no ba... Read More »

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Why is my viewfinder in Canon t4i so blurry?

Have you check the Dioptric Adjustment Knob? Quite often the Dioptric has been moved without the person even knowing it's been moved.Solution: Adjust the Dioptric Adjustment Knob until everything c... Read More »

Canon Rebel T3i Viewfinder?

The knob is called Dioptric. Just adjust the Dioptric knob until the view finder comes back into focus.BTW: it doesn't do harm to the cameraPage 39 of the Owners Manual actually tells you what Diop... Read More »

Canon 550D Footage Too Grainy?

If you're shooting in a dark environment then the camera will compensate for the lack of light by increasing the ISO (sensor sensitivity) the higher your ISO the grainyer your videos will be. Eithe... Read More »

How can I record video through the viewfinder on my Canon T2i?

NopeThe mirror on your T2i moves out of the way and the fps of the video you shoot is determined by the CMOS sensor on your camera. This is a good thing since the video you shoot does not count t... Read More »